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Nutrition That Works, For You

2x4 was founded on the idea of making nutrition accessible to everyone, everywhere.
It all started with Dr. Mallory Blair - a mother, doctor, and scientist who couldn’t understand why her local pharmacy didn’t carry supplements that could give her and her family adequate nutrition to support their growth. So she dedicated her time to developing a line of liposomal supplements that could actually deliver all of the nutritional benefits to your body, in full; a line of supplements that was all natural, sugar-free, and tailored for your specific needs & lifestyle.

Designed for
Our Families

Founder, scientist, and mother who has dedicated her life to ensure that proper nutrition was made available to all, one step at a time.

 Scientist, professor — and mom of two — Dr. Blair started 2x4 with the aim of changing the supplement industry. This to be wordsmithed later.
Created by Doctors & Experts

Our team of expert formulators, doctors, nutritionists, and nutrition enthusiasts have worked hard to create an affordable line of highly-absorbable supplements that your entire family will love.

8 Wellness Pillars
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Family First

You are our family, and therefore you come first. Your health and nutrition is at the core of everything we do, and just like we want the best for our families, we do what we can to deliver the best nutrition possible for yours.

You Are What You Absorb

We want to make sure your body is absorbing the nutrients that it needs. The reality is that your body is not able to absorb 100% of the nutrients found in average vitamins and supplements. This is simply because most of the nutrients degrade and are lost before they reach your cells. That's why we developed a new delivery mechanism called Nutristack® Liposomal Technology that creates a "safe envelope" around the nutrients and delivers them directly to your bloodstream and into your cell membranes without losing anything on the way.

Nutrition That Works For You

Nutrition is not one-size-fits-all. Your body and physiological make up, along with your lifestyle, diet, and goals, all impact the type and amount of nutrients that you actually need. So, our nutritionist consultations allow us to create custom solutions specific to your needs; if you have a specific health concern that you want to address, we create a custom solution and supplement plan just for you.

Education Is The First Step

We believe in using education to empower our customers. That's why we make sure to provide everyone with free, personalized consultations, as well as news, research, and information that you can use to learn more about nutrition and how it affects your health.

Always Give Back

The core of our business is to make nutrition accessible to everyone, everywhere. We do this through our products, but we also use our platform to give back to the community. Whether it’s through our global food drive that will provide free meals for families in need, or by partnering with organizations that can help us give back, we take pride in helping others in every way we can.

Nutrition For All

A healthy lifestyle should be made accessible for everyone. That's why we strive to make our products as affordable as possible, so that you can take control of your health and nutrition.

Building Resilience

Healthy living isn’t just about taking a certain supplement; it’s about building a lifestyle that helps both your body and mind thrive. That’s why we focus on more than just the supplements we create, but also on the mindset and lifestyle you develop to help you stay healthy for life.

Investing In The Future

It’s not enough to just look at the present; we need to be looking ahead at what’s coming next. We take sustainability seriously and invest in our future by creating products that are better for you, and better for the planet. We realize that this takes time, but we're taking actionable steps, starting with our packaging, to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.