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All 2x4 products are invented using Nutristack Technology, which makes each solution absorb up to 15x better than gummies or pills.
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Keith's Custom Nutrition Solution

Hi Keith! It looks like you're feeling tired due to lack of Vitamin D. Here are some solutions for you:

  • Immune Strengthfor vitamin D, bone health, and heart health

  • Natural Energyto promote red blood cell production and to help boost energy

  • Heart Healthpowerful antioxidant support and a boost in your energy levels

Jessica's Custom Nutrition Solution

Hi Jessica, your high level of stress is impacting your quality of sleep. Here are some solutions to help improve your sleep habits:

  • Stress Reliefcombats stress, balances your mood, and helps ease your mind

  • Better Sleepto help with restless and insomnia, and cultivate deep sleep

  • Resilient-Cbalances energy levels throughout the day

Andrew's Custom Nutrition Solution

Hi Andrew, we see you’ve been having trouble with digestion, focus, and memory. We recommend the following solutions:

Bethany's Custom Nutrition Solution

Hi Bethany, here are some solutions to help with your highly-active lifestyle, and need for muscle support and recovery:

  • Joints & Musclespromotes muscle recovery and helps relieve aches and pains

  • Women's Multito keep your body balanced and energized 

  • Resilient-Csupports your body's natural inflammatory response and supports recovery

Take our 5-minute quiz to get custom doctor & nutritionist recommended solutions

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Meet The Founder

Dr. Mallory Blair, PhD

Scientist, professor, and mom of two, Dr. Blair’s innovations live at the intersection of nutrition, microfluidics, and biochemistry.

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Dr. Mallory Blair, PHD
Dr. Mallory Blair, PHD
2x4 CEO and Co-Founder
Dr. Alan Miller, ND
Dr. Alan Miller, ND
2x4 Lead Formulator
Kevin Smith, CN
Kevin Smith, CN
2x4 Nutritionist
Rachel Katz
Rachel Katz
2x4 Nutritionist
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